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10,000 words!

Okay. So I am at 10,000 words on the new NaNoWriMo novel. That’s great. Only 70,000 more to go (only 40,000 this month!) After the pacing I used when I wrote my most recent WIP about werewolves in the 1900s, NaNoWriMo isn’t making me break much of a sweat. But as I’m writing, I’m realizing I don’t know where I’m going. With the werewolf book, I had my character motivation. I had the basic plot. It just poured out of me. Now granted the project I am working on now has a bunch more characters. There’s a lot more going on. It’s post apocalyptic AND there are lots of motorcycles AND there are monsters AND there’s a serial killer AND there’s a love thingie happening. But I think I need to take a time out and figure out some stuff or this book will collapse in on itself like a poorly made soufflé. I’m flinging characters in left and right, and since I don’t know where they’re going, some of them are just sort of sauntering around like slow zombies. Am I loosing my pants-ing-ness? Am I becoming a plotter? These feelings are all so strange to me. I guess I’m off to go outline a little bit, or at least get my thoughts a little bit organized.

 Happy November to everyone, and happy writing!


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